Sascha Janzen


About This Blog

Welcome to my blog. This is where I publish my views and opinions on matters that are relevant to me and my family but that may also be relevant to you.

So, what can you expect?

To start with, this is not a business website. I am not here to do business. You can find my business on This is a purely private website.

In my articles I will cover general topics that I feel are relevant to our society but you may also find stories about my family, my own journey as a father, friend or entrepreneur and related topics.

You may or may not find my content interesting and that is, of course, entirely fine. If you do like it or have your own comments or observations I am looking forward to your reactions.

About Sascha Janzen

So, who am I to run a private blog?

I am Sascha, born 1971 in Wuppertal, Germany. I live in the Frankfurt region of Germany and am a married and proud father of five children.

I am entrepreneur by heart and am also on a mission to leave our planet in a better state than when I was born.

I believe we can do good for ourselves while doing good for our planet, environment and society. This belief is also what drives me to share my journey, my thoughts and observations with others. I do so in the hope to inspire as many people as possible to work towards a common good.